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Q3: 2016 Issue
Newsletter Contents
  • Executive Summary
  • Sustainability Landscape
  • Deal Activity
  • Transaction Themes
  • Public Trading Comparables
  • Appendix
  • RCA Overview
Executive Summary

This e-newsletter is intended to provide insight into the sustainability capital markets. We seek to provide a snapshot of market activity and detailed analysis of trends.

This issue focuses on financing platforms, operations & maintenance, and internet-of-things (“IoT”)companies in the sustainability sectors. As you might have observed, our sector coverage is broadening and includes companies in the IoT space, which have an energy-efficient theme. The key observations we made over the third quarter of 2016 are alongside.


Key Observations

Alternative Financing Platforms

With households and commercial users requiring funding to adopt green energy alternatives that are becoming increasingly popular, there has been a boom in the sustainable energy financing platforms. PACE financing platforms, which offer convenient loans for sustainable energy upgrades, have outpaced the growth of other sustainable energy financing options. There have been several key deals in the PACE financing sector in recent months, including the merger of Dividend Solar and Figtree Finance. More deals may be expected in coming quarters.

O&M Consolidation Ramping Up

The O&M industry has witnessed a mushrooming of new industry players, as new sustainable energy projects have exploded and sustainable power utilities have looked to outsource their non-core operations. The struggle to tie-up with utilities for their O&M activities has led O&M companies to develop specialist ‘Operating’ and ‘Maintenance’ capabilities and has accentuated the divide between ‘Operating’ and ‘Maintenance’ functions. The sector is now believed to be on the verge of a major consolidation phase, especially in economies like the US and Europe.

Internet of Things Gaining Traction

IoT holds the promise of building Smart Cities that have futuristic offices and industrial settings, where devices can independently interact with each other, exchange data and make smart decisions. The IoT/SaaS revolution is also making rapid advances in the fields of energy management and resource conservation. Initiatives that combine the virtues of IoT and energy management systems (EMS), for instance, can not only cut down human effort but also instill efficiency in energy utilization; and reduce carbon footprints.

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